Buy 2015 American Silver Eagles with the CBMint Pre-Sale!

Pre-Release Sale on 2015 American Silver Eagles!
Pre-Release Sale on 2015 American Silver Eagles!

With supplies of 2014 American Silver Eagles running low, and the United States Mint getting ready to wind down the 2014 Silver Eagle production line, CBMint is offering a limited-time chance to pre-order 2015 Silver Eagle Monster Boxes, using today’s low silver prices!  That’s right — customers can buy 2015 American Silver Eagle Monster Boxes using today’s prices.

What is the Release Date for 2015 American Silver Eagles?

Production of 2015 American Silver Eagles will begin in earnest in January, 2015, with shipments from the US Mint to shortly follow. CBMint customers who pre-order 2015 Silver Eagle Monster Boxes immediately jump to the top of the list — they will receive their 2015 Silver Eagle coins before anybody else.

How do I Pre-Order and Buy 2015 Silver Eagles?

This 2015 Silver Eagle promotion is for a limited time! Read the complete details on the CBMint 2015 Silver Eagle Monster Box Promotion Page.

US Mint Runs Out of 2014 Silver Eagles

Ultra-low silver prices have sent demand for physical silver bullion soaring, and the most recent supplier to fall victim to the rush is the venerable United States Mint. Last week, even the US Mint, with its large monthly production figures, completely ran out of 2014 American Silver Eagles!

How Do We Get More US Silver Eagles?

A rare bird - 2014 Silver Eagles are Disappearing Fast! Production of 2014 Silver Eagles has not stopped completely — the US Mint is resuming production on November 17th. However, unless silver prices skyrocket and push down demand, the available supply of 2014 Silver Eagles will be narrow, even with the resumption of production.

Of course, the secondary markets are still awash with back-dated US Silver Eagles, so if customers are content with buying older versions of the Silver Eagle, options are still available. However, it is certainly a buyers’ market, with orders flooding in and mints and their distributors not able to keep up. Unfortunately, price premiums on 2014 American Silver Eagles will likely rise, as distributors are forced to increase prices on the limited stocks of the coins that remain.

A Modern Silver Rush?

Paradoxically, as many investors who electronically invest in precious metals are dumping them, in favor of the higher returns that the allure of the stock market offers, investors who buy physical precious metals are placing large orders, especially for silver bullion. The huge increase in demand has wiped out the inventories of many suppliers — including the United States Mint, as we have discussed above. Why this huge demand for physical gold and silver has not had a push back effect on prices really brings home to us the massive amounts of “paper” metals that are traded behind the scenes.

The Finer Points of Buying Junk Silver

Investors have long opted to buy junk silver as part of their bullion investment portfolio. Purchasing junk silver is one of the cheapest ways to acquire silver bullion, and bags of junk silver coins are so common that they can be found in nearly every local coin shop that sells bullion.

The Differences Between Different Types of Junk Silver Coins

Buy Bags of Junk Silver Coins OnlineJunk silver occupies a unique place in the world of precious metals bullion — similar to silver bullion coins and similar to silver bullion rounds. Unlike silver bullion coins (like American Silver Eagles), junk silver trades much closer to the current silver spot price. Sometimes, investors can even find a silver dealer that is selling junk silver at or below the melt value of the silver.

There are many options available for those looking to buy junk silver online. Not all, however, are the same. Most common are US pre-1964 90% silver coins. Dimes, quarters, half-dollars, and silver dollar coins from this era were struck from an alloy of 90% silver and 10% copper. Kennedy half-dollars from 1965-1970 were silver clad with a copper core. These halves were 40% silver by weight. Less commonly-seen are US Jefferson war nickels, produced during World War 2 and 35% silver by weight.

The Finer Points of Buying Bags of Junk Silver Coins

Though silver is silver, subtle differences exists between the different types of junk silver coins. The advantage of purchasing Kennedy 40% silver half-dollars or 35% silver war nickels is cost — investors buy junk bags of these coins less-commonly than 90% silver coins. Less demand means, generally, lower prices. The disadvantage of buying silver war nickels or FV40 half-dollars is mainly that they are harder to sell. Refiners wont accept them (it is too expensive for them to separate the low-percentage silver from the other metals), and some silver bullion merchants won’t deal with them, either. Regardless of that disadvantage, the price savings that often apply still make war nickels and FV40 coinage a good investment.

FV90 (90% silver coinage) is easy to sell. Refiners often accept it for melting, and nearly every local coin shop buys and sells junk silver coins in this category. These junk silver coins are usually sold by face value (hence FV90 — Face Value 90% silver.) A $100 junk silver bag will contain 90% silver coins with a total face value of $100. However, each bag is not truly equal.

Which Silver Junk Coins Should I Purchase?

For starters, older silver coins generally show more wear, as they circulated longer. Silver is relatively hard metal, but, over time, heavy wear will erode some of the metal, reducing the overall silver content of the coin. Newer 90% silver coins (1955-1964) usually show much less wear and, therefore, contain slightly more silver.

The newer silver coin dates also have the advantage of being more common due to higher mintages. Numismatic value is always present with government-minted coins, even junk silver coins. Older coins are rarer and thus possess more numismatic value, which can push up prices slightly. Low-grade junk Roosevelt Dimes, Kennedy Halves, Franklin Halves, and Washington Quarters have much less numismatic value, meaning bags of junk silver coins from this group are truly the cheapest way to buy silver bullion, trading at or slightly above the current silver spot price.

New Bulk Discounted Bullion Products

CBMint is proud to be the industry leader in offering cheaper silver and gold bullion prices than any of our competitors. We always strive to be the best online bullion dealer, and to that end we are rewarding our customers by offering strong discounts when the buy bullion in bulk, specifically gold and silver rounds and coins. Here are the types of bulk discounts CBMint is offering:

Buying Gold Coins in Bulk

Buy Discounted Gold Coins Online from CBMintCBmint is offering both mint tubes and monster boxes of gold coins, both of which have a large discount over buying gold coins individually. Purchasing American Gold Eagles and Canadian Gold Maple Leafs is cheaper when done in bulk. Though the price of gold is, naturally, far higher than that of silver, volume investors who purchase substantial amounts of gold over the year may instead benefit from buying tubes or monster boxes of gold coins, thereby earning the volume discount that applies.

Buying Silver Coins in Bulk

Large discounts apply when buying silver coins in bulk, as well. Sovereign mints generally package silver coins in hard plastic mint tubes of 20 or 25 units — these we sell direct to our customers, at a discount. Also available are Monster Boxes of silver coins, usually containing 500 units. Commonly purchased are Monster Boxes of Silver Eagles and Silver Maple Leafs. Customers who buy Monster Boxes of silver coins from CBMint receive an even steeper discount.

Buying Silver Rounds in Bulk

Not to be left behind, private mints also usually ship their new silver rounds in mint tubes and monster boxes. Again, we apply steep discounts to bulk purchases of silver rounds, allowing investors to save a significant sum of money when buying silver rounds online in bulk. Both silver round mint tubes and monster boxes have bulk discounted pricing.

In the future, to maintain the CBMint reputation of being the best place to buy silver and gold online, we plan to negotiate further with various mints, in order to obtain more bulk pricing options. We look forward to adding even more products into our discounted categories, allowing you, our valued customers, to buy gold and silver as cheaply as possible!


Near-Future Stock Market Crash?

Investors who buy precious metals bullion as part of a balanced portfolio often view metals has the ultimate safe-haven, insurance against inflation and poor performance of traditional holdings, such as stocks and bonds. As a result, predicting future trends in the stock and bond markets is also a great way to predict the future of gold and silver prices, as precious metals tend to greatly increase in value during economic downturns.

Of course, predicting the future of investment markets is notoriously difficult, but occasionally some useful historical precedents are worth noting. Take a look at the chart below, courtesy of the McClellan Market Report:

Comparing the Stock Market Crash of 1929 With Today

The parallels are unmistakable. Such a correlation could be mere coincidence, but many investors and buyers of gold and silver think otherwise, and are taking advantage of the current low precious metals prices to purchase silver and gold in large amounts. Even for investors who feel the parallel in market performance is only a parallel, and not a harbinger of a future stock market crash, the low prices still make now a great time to buy precious metals and enhance your portfolio.

Silver Prices Hit Four Year Low

Low silver prices have been the story of the month, with prices hitting four year lows this week. During Thursday’s trading, the spot price of silver per troy ounce hit $17.50, a level not seen since 2010. Many investors who buy physical precious metals have been wondering what is happening, speculating that perhaps the abandonment of the London silver price fix is pushing down prices. The true reasons, however, are much more simple.

Buying Cheap Silver Bullion
September has been a great month to buy cheap silver bars.

Investors who buy silver electronically (usually as part of ETFs and other financial instruments) have lately been dumping precious metals, including silver and gold. The big sell-off is not because of worries of a silver price collapse, but mainly due to opportunity cost — with a strong dollar and an improving economy, investments like stocks and bonds are performing well, so money tied up in metals is being freed to fund these other types of profitable investments.

This phenomenon happens frequently, as the price of gold and silver often inversely follows the strength of currencies and economies. During times of inflation or economic trouble, investors move billions of dollars into precious metals as a hedge against inflation and asset collapse. This causes metals prices to soar during times when other investments, like stocks, often see their value plummet.

What do low silver prices mean for bullion investors?

Investors who buy physical silver differ from investors who invest in silver as a hedge and who, coincidentally, never take possession of the actual metal. People who buy physical gold and silver generally do so for long term wealth-storage and investment. Therefore, times of sinking gold and silver prices are great times to buy precious metals, in effect stocking up while the price is great. Despite the ups and downs of our cyclical economy, all precious metals have shown long-term price growth, and metals prices shall certainly skyrocket once the next economic or currency crises arrive.

Hunting Season Coming Up!

It is already fall, and for many people in the United States and Canada that means one very important thing — hunting season is almost here! Most investors who buy bullion online are probably wondering why that matters. But at, we bridge the gap between the two groups with some amazing silver bullion products related to both hunting and firearms.

We are proud to feature a Silver Duck Call, milled from 9 troy ounces of .999 pure silver. This duck call is not just a silver bullion investment product — it is a functional duck call! Hunters (who happen to also invest in silver) have been buying the silver duck calls in large numbers, excited to try them out this fall.

Beautiful and Functional Silver Duck Call
Beautiful and Functional Silver Duck Call

Though fortunately not functional, our wide variety of silver bullets are also flying off the shelves. All of our silver bullets and silver shotgun shells are also milled from 99.9% pure silver bullion, and are near-exact replicas of famous firearms cartridges. With hunting season around the corner, it is a great time to buy silver bullets — they make a one-of-a-kind gift to a hunter or firearms enthusiast.

Purchase Silver Bullets Online in a Wide Variety of Calibers
Purchase Silver Bullets Online in a Wide Variety of Calibers

August Witnessing a Surge in Rhodium Prices

The months of July and August has witnessed a sharp increase in rhodium prices, from a low of around $1,080 an ounce up to nearly $1,300 per troy ounce. The price boom is not coming as a surprise — many analysts predicted that rhodium prices would bottom out late last year, after which industrial users of the metal would buy up supplies while they are cheap. Indeed, 2014 demand for rhodium is expected to exceed supply by around 78,000 ounces, a disparity that will certainly push the price of rhodium higher as the year goes on.

Investor demand for rhodium has also increased as a consequence of the expected price surge. Investors have been buying rhodium bars online in large numbers, taking advantage of the relative low rhodium prices. Despite the increased bullion investment in rhodium, the industrial buying of rhodium is what is really pushing up prices overall.

The boom in rhodium prices could endure for a long time. Goldman Sachs predicts rhodium price increases until 2017, and the Deutsche Bank released a report in January that points out that the demand for rhodium shall exceed the annual supply until at least 2020. Deutsche Bank also predicts that rhodium production in South Africa (which accounts for 80% of the global annual rhodium output) will fall by nearly 6%. A shrinking supply, coupled with increased demand, will assist in pushing rhodium prices even higher.

CBMint’s New Selection of Perth Mint Gold Bullion Coins and Bars

Many bullion investors and coin collectors have surely noticed the recent years’ surge of available bullion bars and coins from Australia. Indeed, sales of Australian bullion has greatly increased in North America in the last ten years. This expansion has been spurred by large increases in annual gold and silver coin mintages, but also, rather uniquely for a sovereign mint, by the wide availability of high-quality bullion bars. Australian bullion is mainly manufactured at the long-established Perth Mint, located in Western Australia.

The Perth Mint was initially a branch of the London-based Royal Mint, and produced circulation coinage (including British Gold Sovereigns) for what was, at the time, a member of the British Commonwealth. After independence, the Perth Mint produced Australian circulation coinage, as well as some circulation coinage for other nations. However, beginning in 1987, the Perth Mint started producing gold, silver, and platinum coins and bars for the domestic and world markets. Though mintages were initially low, the popularity of many of the Perth Mint flagship products has given cause for mintages steadily to rise, and today, Perth Mint bullion coins and bars are considered some of the best in the world.

Following standard practices of most sovereign mints, such as the United States Mint, bullion coins produced at the Perth Mint are legal tender in Australia and possess a nominal face value. Famous and common examples include the Australian Silver Koala, Silver Kookaburra, and Silver Lunar Series of coins.

Lately, the gold issues have been gaining in popularity, with the Australian Gold Kangaroo occupying the place of honor. The high quality and purity of gold coins produced at the Perth Mint has attracted attention from bullion investors around the world. Many of their coins, such as the Gold Kangaroo, feature annually-changing designs, a fact that gives these coins collectibility on top of their bullion value.

Though most sovereign mints only produce bullion coins, the Perth Mint also manufactures a wide-range of gold and silver bullion bars, ranging in size from 1 gram up to 1,000 troy ounces. Perth Mint 1,000 and 400 ounce bullion bars are even recognized by the London Bullion Market Association. Bullion bars with the Perth Mint logo are recognized around the world, and in most cases can be traded with confidence without the need for an assay.

As part of our quest to make CBMint the best place to buy gold and silver online, we are proud to offer a large range of Perth Mint coins and bars. As Australian bullion continues to gain in popularity, be sure to check back frequently to see what new and exciting coins and bars are available to our customers.

China Backing Loans with Gold Bullion that Didn’t Exist?


The ongoing investigation into missing aluminum and copper stocks in the Chinese port city of Qingdao has already involved over twelve Chinese Banks, as well as such banks as HSBC, Citigroup, and Standard Bank. Recent estimations of the loans that now may be at risk exceed $2 billion, but the latest report on the missing metals has turned up something even more problematic — missing gold.

The National Audit Office in China recently found over $15 billion in fraudulent loans that were backed by physical gold stocks that simply did not exist. Banks were using fake cross-border currency swap loans that were backed by gold bullion, in order to take advantage of the spread in interest-rates outside and inside China. Liu Xu, a Beijing-based analyst for Capital Futures commented that this report is the “first official confirmation of what many people have suspected for a long time — that gold is widely used in Chinese commodity financing deals.”

The gold trade is more regulated than the trade of many other commodities, such as copper and aluminum, so the banks involved are most likely Chinese banks. The copper market already reeled with the news of the missing copper in Qingdao, so this latest news involving missing gold stocks could encourage a short-term sell-off by investors with gold assets. Additionally, this new report is likely to discourage western banks from lending against commodities in China. Due to the lack of transparency in the commodity markets in China, the effects could be large.

Chinese companies alone are estimated to have taken out over $150 billion in commodity-backed loans in the last few years. Should the available credit start to diminish, the effects on China’s economy, and on the value of the yuan could be severe. Unfortunately, we are still missing answers to many of the most important questions, including the total amount of money that was lent against Chinese commodity stocks, or how deep the investigation shall go. Due to the nature of global finance, however, the problem of China’s missing metals simply won’t go away.