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Announcing the CBMint iOS App

We are very proud to announce that CBMint is now on the App Store, for free. You can now buy precious metals, look up the spot prices, stay up to date on what’s going on in the industry, and learn about investing, right on your mobile device or tablet. The CBMint App guarantees a secure and streamlined shopping experience, accessible directly from your iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad’s home screen.

You will find your favorite features on the CBMint App, and will be able to access them wherever you are – our entire product catalog, checkout process, and account management is right in your pocket. You can even continue editing your shopping cart with products added separately through the website.

CBMint iOS App

We are proud to have designed and developed the App in-house, in order to offer another high quality platform through which our customers can continue enjoying the products offered by CBMint.

Make sure to grab the CBMint iOS App today and give it a try.

Lead Software Engineer at CBMint

Buying Bullion for Christmas!

Christmas is only a few weeks away — if you are stuck trying to find a gift for somebody, why not consider silver or gold bullion as a gift? Silver and, especially, gold coins have been common gifts for centuries. Birthdays, graduations, weddings, and, yes, Christmas, are all great occasions for giving a valuable silver or gold gift.

What Silver and Gold Products Make the Best Gifts?

Most commonly purchased bullion products to be used as gifts are silver coins and gold coins, and no wonder — bullion coins struck by sovereign mints are not only valuable, they are often very beautiful, with either historic or commemorative designs. Many highlight local animal life, such as the Chinese Panda series of coins, or the Canadian Wildlife series. Given in such situations, these bullion coins are not merely a store of wealth, they also make memorable gifts.

Silver Bullets come in a wide range of sizes
Silver Bullets come in a wide range of sizes.

Other silver, gold, or platinum products can also make wonderful gifts, especially specialty products. Have a hunter in the family? Buy a silver duck call — it’s fully functional, yet also contains nine ounces of .999 pure silver. Know a history buff or firearms enthusiast? Look at the wide range of highly-detailed silver bullet replicas. They come in different sizes, yet all are near-perfect replicas of various firearms cartridges and are milled from .999 pure silver, as well.

Prefer to give gold as a gift for Christmas? Look at CBMint’s range of small gold bars. They are small enough to be inexpensive, yet still contain 99.9%+ pure gold and are a great way to introduce gold investment to someone.

Giving gold and silver as gifts has been popular for eons. Join in the tradition and check out the huge number of products on CBMint!

Cyber Monday Super Sale on 2015 Silver Eagle Monster Boxes!

Going along with the CBMint pre-order promotion on 2015 Silver Eagle Monster Boxes is a one day Cyber Monday sale — for that day only (Monday, December 1), you can buy Monster Boxes of 2015 American Silver Eagles for only $1.99 above spot per coin! That is the lowest price on Silver Eagle coins anywhere. Combined with the standard CBMint free shipping and insurance, it is the absolutely cheapest way to buy Silver Eagle coins online.

Supplies of 2014 Silver Eagles are starting to run out, so pre-ordering a Monster Box of 2015 Eagles is a great way to lock in today’s low silver prices. Go to the 2015 Silver Eagle Monster Box page on CBMint to learn more!

Buy 2015 American Silver Eagles with the CBMint Pre-Sale!

Pre-Release Sale on 2015 American Silver Eagles!
Pre-Release Sale on 2015 American Silver Eagles!

With supplies of 2014 American Silver Eagles running low, and the United States Mint getting ready to wind down the 2014 Silver Eagle production line, CBMint is offering a limited-time chance to pre-order 2015 Silver Eagle Monster Boxes, using today’s low silver prices!  That’s right — customers can buy 2015 American Silver Eagle Monster Boxes using today’s prices.

What is the Release Date for 2015 American Silver Eagles?

Production of 2015 American Silver Eagles will begin in earnest in January, 2015, with shipments from the US Mint to shortly follow. CBMint customers who pre-order 2015 Silver Eagle Monster Boxes immediately jump to the top of the list — they will receive their 2015 Silver Eagle coins before anybody else.

How do I Pre-Order and Buy 2015 Silver Eagles?

This 2015 Silver Eagle promotion is for a limited time! Read the complete details on the CBMint 2015 Silver Eagle Monster Box Promotion Page.

US Mint Runs Out of 2014 Silver Eagles

Ultra-low silver prices have sent demand for physical silver bullion soaring, and the most recent supplier to fall victim to the rush is the venerable United States Mint. Last week, even the US Mint, with its large monthly production figures, completely ran out of 2014 American Silver Eagles!

How Do We Get More US Silver Eagles?

A rare bird - 2014 Silver Eagles are Disappearing Fast! Production of 2014 Silver Eagles has not stopped completely — the US Mint is resuming production on November 17th. However, unless silver prices skyrocket and push down demand, the available supply of 2014 Silver Eagles will be narrow, even with the resumption of production.

Of course, the secondary markets are still awash with back-dated US Silver Eagles, so if customers are content with buying older versions of the Silver Eagle, options are still available. However, it is certainly a buyers’ market, with orders flooding in and mints and their distributors not able to keep up. Unfortunately, price premiums on 2014 American Silver Eagles will likely rise, as distributors are forced to increase prices on the limited stocks of the coins that remain.

A Modern Silver Rush?

Paradoxically, as many investors who electronically invest in precious metals are dumping them, in favor of the higher returns that the allure of the stock market offers, investors who buy physical precious metals are placing large orders, especially for silver bullion. The huge increase in demand has wiped out the inventories of many suppliers — including the United States Mint, as we have discussed above. Why this huge demand for physical gold and silver has not had a push back effect on prices really brings home to us the massive amounts of “paper” metals that are traded behind the scenes.

Silver Prices Hit Four Year Low

Low silver prices have been the story of the month, with prices hitting four year lows this week. During Thursday’s trading, the spot price of silver per troy ounce hit $17.50, a level not seen since 2010. Many investors who buy physical precious metals have been wondering what is happening, speculating that perhaps the abandonment of the London silver price fix is pushing down prices. The true reasons, however, are much more simple.

Buying Cheap Silver Bullion
September has been a great month to buy cheap silver bars.

Investors who buy silver electronically (usually as part of ETFs and other financial instruments) have lately been dumping precious metals, including silver and gold. The big sell-off is not because of worries of a silver price collapse, but mainly due to opportunity cost — with a strong dollar and an improving economy, investments like stocks and bonds are performing well, so money tied up in metals is being freed to fund these other types of profitable investments.

This phenomenon happens frequently, as the price of gold and silver often inversely follows the strength of currencies and economies. During times of inflation or economic trouble, investors move billions of dollars into precious metals as a hedge against inflation and asset collapse. This causes metals prices to soar during times when other investments, like stocks, often see their value plummet.

What do low silver prices mean for bullion investors?

Investors who buy physical silver differ from investors who invest in silver as a hedge and who, coincidentally, never take possession of the actual metal. People who buy physical gold and silver generally do so for long term wealth-storage and investment. Therefore, times of sinking gold and silver prices are great times to buy precious metals, in effect stocking up while the price is great. Despite the ups and downs of our cyclical economy, all precious metals have shown long-term price growth, and metals prices shall certainly skyrocket once the next economic or currency crises arrive.

Silver Is Extremely Undervalued – Potential for Big Gains

Every week that passes, with low silver prices continuing, the more we continue to be bullish on silver. Many customers have been emailing and calling us, wondering “How long will silver prices stay low?” With no immediate sign of a huge silver price spike, we have been doing even more research than normal, looking at historical trends in the spot price of silver, and comparing commodity silver to other benchmark commodities. The entire focus of the May 2014 CBMint newsletter was advocating now being a great time to buy silver bullion.

Buy Silver

Without rehashing too much of that material, please note that the gold/silver ratio, the ratio of the price of gold to the price of silver, is still very, very high — over 65. Silver and gold prices are intertwined and always have been. The relationship between the two is a useful tool for anticipating future silver and gold price movement. Historically, the GSR tends to narrow, often approaching 15, that is, gold is 15 times as expensive as silver. Clearly such a scenario would involve huge relative increases in the price of silver.

Many analysts are comparing the current low silver prices with the days when the price of silver per troy ounce was under $5. The similarities between the two historical periods run deep — recent sell-offs of gold assets, a high GSR, and recovering economy. Obviously, investors who were savvy enough to buy silver bullion in the $5 an-ounce days made tremendous gains. More and more, we are convinced that now is the time to concentrate on silver, and I, personally, have abandoned my balanced bullion portfolio to favor one that involves silver bullion products almost exclusively.

May 2014 American Silver Eagle Giveaway!

Today CBMint is announcing a giveaway to celebrate our newly reduced pricing on our most popular product, 2014 Silver Eagles. If our industry-leading prices aren’t enough, take this opportunity to win this iconic US Minted coin absolutely FREE.


To enter:

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CBMint Offering Lower Prices on Bullion Products

CBMint is excited to be able to offer our customers lower prices on many of our already-inexpensive products. Continuing our quest to be the best place to buy bullion online, we have reached out to several new suppliers of precious metals, some of which were able to offer us volume discounts. By taking advantage of these volume discounts, CBMint has been able to buy copper bullion, silver bullion, and gold bullion products in bulk. The cost savings that volume purchasing entails means that several popular products in our lineup have seen recent price reductions.
Included in this list are most of our copper rounds, which have seen a large decrease in price. Several common silver coins are also affected, such as the American Silver Eagle and the Austrian Silver Philharmonic. As always, we strive to have the lowest bullion prices in the industry and we look forward to negotiating even steeper discounts, which would allow us to reduce prices of bullion products even further. As always, we encourage you to Contact CBMint if you are looking to buy gold and silver products that are not in our current lineup — we will be happy to try to find them for you.

CCAC Proposes New Design for the American Silver Eagle

A significant change to the world’s most popular silver bullion coin is in the works. On April 8, the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee (CCAC) recommended a change in the design of the reverse side of the American Silver Eagle, the premier silver coin on the market today, with sales expected to reach 50 million units in 2014 alone.

The US Silver Eagle has not changed since its 1986 inception, with each coin containing 1 troy ounce of silver that is 99.9% fine. The designs remain unaltered — Weinman’s Walking Liberty design is on the front and Mercanti’s Heraldic Eagle design is on the reverse. The CCAC-proposed design changes only concern the reverse. 44 unique designs were reviewed, but the clear-cut winner was a design previously considered for the 2015 US Marshal Service gold commemorative coin — another eagle-themed design, this time showing an eagle in flight, grasping an olive branch.

The next steps in the process are time consuming. The CCAC will ask the US Mint to prepare several examples of American Silver Eagles using the new design, each having slight differences. These designs will be again put before the CCAC for another round of selection and discussion. The selected Silver Eagle design then will move to the CFA, the Committee of Fine Arts, for review. After this committee, the Treasury Secretary of the United States will make the decision to keep the current design or to change to the new one.

2015 American Silver Eagle New Design