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Shortages May Send Silver Prices Soaring in 2016

We investors tend to speak of silver prices as a single, immutable metric. However, there are actually several different ways to calculate the price of silver. Most people, when they speak of the price of silver, are referring to the published electronically-traded COMEX silver index.

A rush to stocks helped silver prices plummet more than 70% between 2011 and 2015. The listed price I am referring to is, of course, the COMEX price. Buying physical silver always carries a price premium, as physical silver has transportation and storage costs associated with it. Generally speaking the premium for owning physical silver is large, and the COMEX price lags behind it significantly, and this lagging is not due to actual demand for the metal.

Low silver prices and increased consumer awareness have seen demand for physical silver skyrocket. The United States Mint even ran out of Silver Eagles in the middle of 2015, unable to keep up with investor demand. Why were silver prices still falling when investor demand for the physical metal was at an all-time high?

Upcoming Shortage of Physical Silver?

Low electronic silver prices have helped cause investors to ditch stocks in silver mining companies, despite the large investor demand for the metal itself. Many of these mining companies have seen their stock prices plummet along with the per-ounce price of the metal they are mining. Many companies went bankrupt, others have scaled drastically back on their silver mining operations. Combined with sustained silver demand, this can mean only one thing:  the supply of physical silver will continue to shrink.

The gap between the low electronic price of silver and the higher premiums already being carried by physical silver products cannot stay far apart for long. Rising demand and shrinking silver supplies will eventually cause a correction in the market, seeing even electronic silver prices exploding upward.


Privateer Series Silver Rounds Now Available on CBMint

The Privateer Silver Rounds from the Elemetal Mint are a new series of two ounce silver rounds featuring nautical themes. is excited to carry the newest in the series — the Siren 2 Ounce Silver Round.


The unique and stunning feature of the Privateer Silver Rounds is the ultra-high relief in which each round is struck. Silver rounds, like silver coins, are usually struck in low-relief with high-relief examples quite rare, such as the early 1921 Peace Dollars. The fact that the Elemetal Mint went through the added complexity and expense to strike these rounds in high-relief shows their continued dedication to producing market-leading products.

2015 Silver Eagles About to Launch

The United States Mint is nearly ready to begin long-awaited shipments of 2015 American Silver Eagles. Starting January 26th , the Mint shall begin the first shipments of 2015 Silver Eagles to approved distributors.

Be the First to Buy 2015 American Silver Eagles

Given the extremely low silver prices, distributors have been routinely selling out of Silver Eagles. Expect the high demand to continue through the first part of the new year — buying 2015 American Silver Eagles may be difficult, as initial supplies will be scare and the US Mint’s production capacity is not able to keep up. You can pre-order and secure a shipment when you buy Monster Boxes of 2015 American Silver Eagles online from CBMint — by pre-ordering, you ensure that you will receive one of the first Mint allocations of 2015 Silver Eagle coins.

Design of the 2015 American Silver Eagle

Other than the mint date, the 2015 US Silver Eagle shares its design motifs with all other years of Silver Eagle coins. However, this may soon be changing. As soon as 2016, US Silver Eagles may see a significant design change on the reverse. Last April, the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee (CCAC) recommended that the reverse side of US Silver Eagles be replaced with a new design. If the proposal goes forward quickly, 2015 may be the last year of 1 Ounce American Silver Eagles that features the traditional design.

Possible Design Change for Reverse of Future American Silver Eagles

2015 Burundi Silver Lion Coins Available

CBMint is happy to be one of the few places online to buy 2015 Burundi Silver Lion coins! Each coin contains 1 troy ounce of .999 fine silver and are now the official silver bullion coin of the Republic of Burundi, with a face value of 5000 Francs. Burundi is located in the Serengeti, in East Africa, and is home to much of the hunting ground of the African lion.

Limited mint numbers ensure the rarity of the Burundi Silver Lion
Limited mint numbers ensure the rarity of the Burundi Silver Lion

New to the Zoo, But not for Long!

The 2015 1 ounce silver Burundi Lion coin is the newest member of the African Lion series of silver coins. These Commemorative Silver Coins are meant for both silver bullion investors and for collectors. The latter group especially prizes these coins for their rarity — 1 oz Silver Burundi Lion coins are limited to a total worldwide mintage of only 50,000 pieces, meaning they may soon become as rare as the very African lions they honor.

A Very Cheap Silver Bullion Coin

Amazingly, for an official, government-backed silver coin with legal tender status, the silver 2015 Burundi Lion has a very low premium over the current silver spot price, making them extremely affordable pieces. Often, commemorative silver coins (due to the low mintages) are quite expensive — this simply is not the case with the Silver African Lion series of coins. Buy Burundi Lion coins now while supplies are still available!

The Finer Points of Buying Junk Silver

Investors have long opted to buy junk silver as part of their bullion investment portfolio. Purchasing junk silver is one of the cheapest ways to acquire silver bullion, and bags of junk silver coins are so common that they can be found in nearly every local coin shop that sells bullion.

The Differences Between Different Types of Junk Silver Coins

Buy Bags of Junk Silver Coins OnlineJunk silver occupies a unique place in the world of precious metals bullion — similar to silver bullion coins and similar to silver bullion rounds. Unlike silver bullion coins (like American Silver Eagles), junk silver trades much closer to the current silver spot price. Sometimes, investors can even find a silver dealer that is selling junk silver at or below the melt value of the silver.

There are many options available for those looking to buy junk silver online. Not all, however, are the same. Most common are US pre-1964 90% silver coins. Dimes, quarters, half-dollars, and silver dollar coins from this era were struck from an alloy of 90% silver and 10% copper. Kennedy half-dollars from 1965-1970 were silver clad with a copper core. These halves were 40% silver by weight. Less commonly-seen are US Jefferson war nickels, produced during World War 2 and 35% silver by weight.

The Finer Points of Buying Bags of Junk Silver Coins

Though silver is silver, subtle differences exists between the different types of junk silver coins. The advantage of purchasing Kennedy 40% silver half-dollars or 35% silver war nickels is cost — investors buy junk bags of these coins less-commonly than 90% silver coins. Less demand means, generally, lower prices. The disadvantage of buying silver war nickels or FV40 half-dollars is mainly that they are harder to sell. Refiners wont accept them (it is too expensive for them to separate the low-percentage silver from the other metals), and some silver bullion merchants won’t deal with them, either. Regardless of that disadvantage, the price savings that often apply still make war nickels and FV40 coinage a good investment.

FV90 (90% silver coinage) is easy to sell. Refiners often accept it for melting, and nearly every local coin shop buys and sells junk silver coins in this category. These junk silver coins are usually sold by face value (hence FV90 — Face Value 90% silver.) A $100 junk silver bag will contain 90% silver coins with a total face value of $100. However, each bag is not truly equal.

Which Silver Junk Coins Should I Purchase?

For starters, older silver coins generally show more wear, as they circulated longer. Silver is relatively hard metal, but, over time, heavy wear will erode some of the metal, reducing the overall silver content of the coin. Newer 90% silver coins (1955-1964) usually show much less wear and, therefore, contain slightly more silver.

The newer silver coin dates also have the advantage of being more common due to higher mintages. Numismatic value is always present with government-minted coins, even junk silver coins. Older coins are rarer and thus possess more numismatic value, which can push up prices slightly. Low-grade junk Roosevelt Dimes, Kennedy Halves, Franklin Halves, and Washington Quarters have much less numismatic value, meaning bags of junk silver coins from this group are truly the cheapest way to buy silver bullion, trading at or slightly above the current silver spot price.

New Bulk Discounted Bullion Products

CBMint is proud to be the industry leader in offering cheaper silver and gold bullion prices than any of our competitors. We always strive to be the best online bullion dealer, and to that end we are rewarding our customers by offering strong discounts when the buy bullion in bulk, specifically gold and silver rounds and coins. Here are the types of bulk discounts CBMint is offering:

Buying Gold Coins in Bulk

Buy Discounted Gold Coins Online from CBMintCBmint is offering both mint tubes and monster boxes of gold coins, both of which have a large discount over buying gold coins individually. Purchasing American Gold Eagles and Canadian Gold Maple Leafs is cheaper when done in bulk. Though the price of gold is, naturally, far higher than that of silver, volume investors who purchase substantial amounts of gold over the year may instead benefit from buying tubes or monster boxes of gold coins, thereby earning the volume discount that applies.

Buying Silver Coins in Bulk

Large discounts apply when buying silver coins in bulk, as well. Sovereign mints generally package silver coins in hard plastic mint tubes of 20 or 25 units — these we sell direct to our customers, at a discount. Also available are Monster Boxes of silver coins, usually containing 500 units. Commonly purchased are Monster Boxes of Silver Eagles and Silver Maple Leafs. Customers who buy Monster Boxes of silver coins from CBMint receive an even steeper discount.

Buying Silver Rounds in Bulk

Not to be left behind, private mints also usually ship their new silver rounds in mint tubes and monster boxes. Again, we apply steep discounts to bulk purchases of silver rounds, allowing investors to save a significant sum of money when buying silver rounds online in bulk. Both silver round mint tubes and monster boxes have bulk discounted pricing.

In the future, to maintain the CBMint reputation of being the best place to buy silver and gold online, we plan to negotiate further with various mints, in order to obtain more bulk pricing options. We look forward to adding even more products into our discounted categories, allowing you, our valued customers, to buy gold and silver as cheaply as possible!


2014 Canadian Silver Bird of Prey Coins Released

The Royal Canadian Mint has always been energetic about producing special and commemorative silver bullion coins. With the completion of the most recent issues of their Wildlife Series of silver coins, the Royal Canadian Mint has decided to follow on with a new series of four coins titled the “Bird of Prey Series”. Each of the 4 silver coins in the series will feature a Canadian different bird of prey. They are scheduled for a biannual rollout, meaning two unique coins of the series will be released each year, for two years total. First in the series is the majestic 2014 Peregrine Falcon silver coin.

<< View our selection of World Coins here >>

Like the Silver Maple Leafs, these 1 Ounce Bird of Prey coins are legal tender in Canada and have a nominal face value of 5 Canadian Dollars. The obverse is similar to the Silver Maple Leaf, showing Queen Elizabeth II in profile, along with the mint date. The reverse was created by Emily Damstra and has a stunning strike of a peregrine falcon in mid-flight, swooping down upon its prey. The peregrine falcon is an amazing hunter, able to exceed 200 miles per hour in flight. Due to its incredible hunting ability, the peregrine falcon is considered a potent symbol in many cultures. In addition to this beautiful depiction of the peregrine falcon, the reverse of the coin also displays the silver purity and weight of the coin.

Like most Royal Canadian Mint silver coins, the 2014 Silver Bird of Prey series are struck from 99.99% pure silver, higher than most silver bullion coins. Planned production for each coin in the series is only 1 million units, which will be quickly snatched up by collectors who treasure the numismatic value of rare coins like this, as well as investors who buy silver online. Adding gorgeous silver coins like these to your bullion portfolio surely makes it stand out.

CBMint is proud to feature the 2014 Canadian Silver Peregrine Falcon coin. It is a great silver bullion coin that already has widespread appeal. Buy one today!

CBMint now has Silver Bullets in Stock

Part of the legacy of CBMint has been the constant search for new bullion and coin products — we try to look at every possible product that our customers may enjoy. Recently, silver bullion bullets have become hot items and we immediately tried to get them in stock.

NTR Metals is one of our top suppliers, offering silver, gold and platinum bullion bars and rounds, and it is no surprise to us that NTR recently started manufacturing silver bullets for the bullion markets. These silver bullets aren’t real, of course, and cannot be used in any weapon. They are merely silver bullion pieces in a different form. Just like all of the silver bars from NTR, these silver bullets have a purity of 99.9% and are fully authentic, coming to CBMint direct from NTR metals.

NTR produces silver bullets in several different weights, starting with 1 ounce silver bullets and ranging all the way up to huge 25 ounce silver bullets! Cleverly, each weight of silver bullet is shaped like a different and size-appropriate firearm cartridge. Great attention is paid to detail. For example, the 1 ounce silver bullet is modeled after the famous .45 ACP cartridge used in the Colt Model 1911 automatic pistol, the Thompson Submachine Gun, and several other legendary firearms. Keeping with the military theme, the NTR 2 ounce silver bullet is modeled after the post-war 7.62 mm standard NATO round, used in the M14, the M60 machine gun, and a host of other rifles.

We are particularly excited about being able to sell silver bullets online. They are extremely popular, not just among bullion investors who choose to buy silver bullion online, but also among silver collectors, firearm and military enthusiasts, and even history buffs. People have also been buying silver bullets to use as decorations, parts of costumes, or simply as conversation pieces. They have been flying off the shelves, and we at CBMint are thrilled to be one of the first bullion stores to sell these superb silver bullion bullets.