2015 Silver Eagles About to Launch

The United States Mint is nearly ready to begin long-awaited shipments of 2015 American Silver Eagles. Starting January 26th , the Mint shall begin the first shipments of 2015 Silver Eagles to approved distributors.

Be the First to Buy 2015 American Silver Eagles

Given the extremely low silver prices, distributors have been routinely selling out of Silver Eagles. Expect the high demand to continue through the first part of the new year — buying 2015 American Silver Eagles may be difficult, as initial supplies will be scare and the US Mint’s production capacity is not able to keep up. You can pre-order and secure a shipment when you buy Monster Boxes of 2015 American Silver Eagles online from CBMint — by pre-ordering, you ensure that you will receive one of the first Mint allocations of 2015 Silver Eagle coins.

Design of the 2015 American Silver Eagle

Other than the mint date, the 2015 US Silver Eagle shares its design motifs with all other years of Silver Eagle coins. However, this may soon be changing. As soon as 2016, US Silver Eagles may see a significant design change on the reverse. Last April, the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee (CCAC) recommended that the reverse side of US Silver Eagles be replaced with a new design. If the proposal goes forward quickly, 2015 may be the last year of 1 Ounce American Silver Eagles that features the traditional design.

Possible Design Change for Reverse of Future American Silver Eagles