2015 Burundi Silver Lion Coins Available

CBMint is happy to be one of the few places online to buy 2015 Burundi Silver Lion coins! Each coin contains 1 troy ounce of .999 fine silver and are now the official silver bullion coin of the Republic of Burundi, with a face value of 5000 Francs. Burundi is located in the Serengeti, in East Africa, and is home to much of the hunting ground of the African lion.

Limited mint numbers ensure the rarity of the Burundi Silver Lion
Limited mint numbers ensure the rarity of the Burundi Silver Lion

New to the Zoo, But not for Long!

The 2015 1 ounce silver Burundi Lion coin is the newest member of the African Lion series of silver coins. These Commemorative Silver Coins are meant for both silver bullion investors and for collectors. The latter group especially prizes these coins for their rarity — 1 oz Silver Burundi Lion coins are limited to a total worldwide mintage of only 50,000 pieces, meaning they may soon become as rare as the very African lions they honor.

A Very Cheap Silver Bullion Coin

Amazingly, for an official, government-backed silver coin with legal tender status, the silver 2015 Burundi Lion has a very low premium over the current silver spot price, making them extremely affordable pieces. Often, commemorative silver coins (due to the low mintages) are quite expensive — this simply is not the case with the Silver African Lion series of coins. Buy Burundi Lion coins now while supplies are still available!