CBMint’s New Selection of Perth Mint Gold Bullion Coins and Bars

Many bullion investors and coin collectors have surely noticed the recent years’ surge of available bullion bars and coins from Australia. Indeed, sales of Australian bullion has greatly increased in North America in the last ten years. This expansion has been spurred by large increases in annual gold and silver coin mintages, but also, rather uniquely for a sovereign mint, by the wide availability of high-quality bullion bars. Australian bullion is mainly manufactured at the long-established Perth Mint, located in Western Australia.

The Perth Mint was initially a branch of the London-based Royal Mint, and produced circulation coinage (including British Gold Sovereigns) for what was, at the time, a member of the British Commonwealth. After independence, the Perth Mint produced Australian circulation coinage, as well as some circulation coinage for other nations. However, beginning in 1987, the Perth Mint started producing gold, silver, and platinum coins and bars for the domestic and world markets. Though mintages were initially low, the popularity of many of the Perth Mint flagship products has given cause for mintages steadily to rise, and today, Perth Mint bullion coins and bars are considered some of the best in the world.

Following standard practices of most sovereign mints, such as the United States Mint, bullion coins produced at the Perth Mint are legal tender in Australia and possess a nominal face value. Famous and common examples include the Australian Silver Koala, Silver Kookaburra, and Silver Lunar Series of coins.

Lately, the gold issues have been gaining in popularity, with the Australian Gold Kangaroo occupying the place of honor. The high quality and purity of gold coins produced at the Perth Mint has attracted attention from bullion investors around the world. Many of their coins, such as the Gold Kangaroo, feature annually-changing designs, a fact that gives these coins collectibility on top of their bullion value.

Though most sovereign mints only produce bullion coins, the Perth Mint also manufactures a wide-range of gold and silver bullion bars, ranging in size from 1 gram up to 1,000 troy ounces. Perth Mint 1,000 and 400 ounce bullion bars are even recognized by the London Bullion Market Association. Bullion bars with the Perth Mint logo are recognized around the world, and in most cases can be traded with confidence without the need for an assay.

As part of our quest to make CBMint the best place to buy gold and silver online, we are proud to offer a large range of Perth Mint coins and bars. As Australian bullion continues to gain in popularity, be sure to check back frequently to see what new and exciting coins and bars are available to our customers.