2014 Canadian Silver Bird of Prey Coins Released

The Royal Canadian Mint has always been energetic about producing special and commemorative silver bullion coins. With the completion of the most recent issues of their Wildlife Series of silver coins, the Royal Canadian Mint has decided to follow on with a new series of four coins titled the “Bird of Prey Series”. Each of the 4 silver coins in the series will feature a Canadian different bird of prey. They are scheduled for a biannual rollout, meaning two unique coins of the series will be released each year, for two years total. First in the series is the majestic 2014 Peregrine Falcon silver coin.

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Like the Silver Maple Leafs, these 1 Ounce Bird of Prey coins are legal tender in Canada and have a nominal face value of 5 Canadian Dollars. The obverse is similar to the Silver Maple Leaf, showing Queen Elizabeth II in profile, along with the mint date. The reverse was created by Emily Damstra and has a stunning strike of a peregrine falcon in mid-flight, swooping down upon its prey. The peregrine falcon is an amazing hunter, able to exceed 200 miles per hour in flight. Due to its incredible hunting ability, the peregrine falcon is considered a potent symbol in many cultures. In addition to this beautiful depiction of the peregrine falcon, the reverse of the coin also displays the silver purity and weight of the coin.

Like most Royal Canadian Mint silver coins, the 2014 Silver Bird of Prey series are struck from 99.99% pure silver, higher than most silver bullion coins. Planned production for each coin in the series is only 1 million units, which will be quickly snatched up by collectors who treasure the numismatic value of rare coins like this, as well as investors who buy silver online. Adding gorgeous silver coins like these to your bullion portfolio surely makes it stand out.

CBMint is proud to feature the 2014 Canadian Silver Peregrine Falcon coin. It is a great silver bullion coin that already has widespread appeal. Buy one today!