CBMint now has Silver Bullets in Stock

Part of the legacy of CBMint has been the constant search for new bullion and coin products — we try to look at every possible product that our customers may enjoy. Recently, silver bullion bullets have become hot items and we immediately tried to get them in stock.

NTR Metals is one of our top suppliers, offering silver, gold and platinum bullion bars and rounds, and it is no surprise to us that NTR recently started manufacturing silver bullets for the bullion markets. These silver bullets aren’t real, of course, and cannot be used in any weapon. They are merely silver bullion pieces in a different form. Just like all of the silver bars from NTR, these silver bullets have a purity of 99.9% and are fully authentic, coming to CBMint direct from NTR metals.

NTR produces silver bullets in several different weights, starting with 1 ounce silver bullets and ranging all the way up to huge 25 ounce silver bullets! Cleverly, each weight of silver bullet is shaped like a different and size-appropriate firearm cartridge. Great attention is paid to detail. For example, the 1 ounce silver bullet is modeled after the famous .45 ACP cartridge used in the Colt Model 1911 automatic pistol, the Thompson Submachine Gun, and several other legendary firearms. Keeping with the military theme, the NTR 2 ounce silver bullet is modeled after the post-war 7.62 mm standard NATO round, used in the M14, the M60 machine gun, and a host of other rifles.

We are particularly excited about being able to sell silver bullets online. They are extremely popular, not just among bullion investors who choose to buy silver bullion online, but also among silver collectors, firearm and military enthusiasts, and even history buffs. People have also been buying silver bullets to use as decorations, parts of costumes, or simply as conversation pieces. They have been flying off the shelves, and we at CBMint are thrilled to be one of the first bullion stores to sell these superb silver bullion bullets.