2014 Silver Eagles Now Available!

2014 American Silver Eagle

The newest installment has finally arrived in what is probably the most famous silver bullion coin in the world — the American Silver Eagle. Except for the date change, the 2014 Silver Eagle does not differ from its predecessors, being struck from .999 fine silver and containing exactly 1 troy ounce of silver. Though some bullion coins, such as the Chinese Panda, do change designs from time to time, the design of the American Silver Eagle has remained unaltered since its 1986 introduction, and for good reason. Adolph Weinman’s design of Lady Liberty Walking was first used on the half-dollar from 1916 – 1947 and gave those coins their beauty and fame. Few argued when the design was re-used on the US Silver Eagle bullion coin — a decision proved correct by history as the design remains unchanged to this day.

The 2014 Silver Eagle shares the numismatic and investment benefits of all prior issues. Investors can buy the 2014 American Silver Eagle to fund Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs), or they can be purchased for physical possession for the silver content, like any other time an investor chooses to buy silver. For collectors a proof version of the 2014 Silver Eagle is manufactured, as well as a collectible uncirculated version produced only at the West Point Mint and bearing the “W” mintmark. The latter are produced on special burnished blanks and sometimes referred to as “Burnished Uncirculated”.

The 2014 Silver Eagle continues the proud tradition started way back in 1986. Be sure to buy the 2014 American Silver Eagle before they are snatched up as everybody with coin and bullion interests will be sure to add the new Silver Eagles to their collections.